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How to Apply Polyurethane – Polyurethane Paints

Polyurethane paints provide a durable, hard gloss for model and craft making. Polyurethane paints can be applied to any surface. There are different types of polyurethanes and different ways of applying these paints. The forecast use and the size of the project fix the best method of application and type of finish.Identification: These paints are generally used for crafts. The finish achieved from these paints is hard, glossy, and thick and more like an automobile finish. They are also generally used for marine and boats application.Features: The material “polyurethane” is plastic based. It is used to make anything from baby toys to buildings. Depending on the formula of manufacturing it can be soft for making liquid varnishes or hard for making furniture. Paints of polyurethanes are available in the form of semi gloss, satin and high gloss furniture. These are applied to most types of fiberglass, plastics, fabrics and metals. The best attribute of these paints, apart from the flawless finish, is its water and gasoline resistance. This property has made it ideal for model making. It is slow to dry but gives a durable and thick coating.Types: These paints are available in many colors including clear topcoat. Most shops sell these paints in ready to use, already mixed spray cans. This needs extra care as if the drying catalyst is not mixed correctly then the resultant finish could crack or bubble with use. Thinner polyurethane paints are better choices for painting model airplanes or fabrics.Normally polyurethane paints are applied with the help of a spray can or spray gun. There are some formulas of paints of polyurethanes that can be brushed as well. Polyurethane paints are not recommended for painting house however clear finishes of polyurethanes are used for furniture, floors and woodworks.